Creative about learning

In today's busy world we keep looking for creative ways to engage our children which helps them learn while they play.This is a digital world and our kids are not too far from it as they always look for gadgets to pass their time. Play is very important for child's growth and learning.They develop skills… Continue reading Creative about learning


Methi Matar Malai Recipe

Methi matar malai translated as (Fenugreek Peas Cream) is all time favourite dish which needs very less time to prepare and make a great addition to your festive, family dinners. Fenugreek leaves are very healthy and have amazing medicinal properties which helps reducing cholesterol. Peas are good in protein. The addition of fresh cream to… Continue reading Methi Matar Malai Recipe


7 inspirational quotes to energise your day

Most of us are busy working hard to accomplish the dreams & attain success in life and often forget to stop, realize and relish what we already have.Sometimes we are buoyant  with go get-it attitude and sometimes dispassionate which could be impact of situations, experiences and multifarious factors in life. Do we get stuck with… Continue reading 7 inspirational quotes to energise your day


Diwali Greetings of Love & Prosperity

It's never too late to spread joy with the world. As promised in previous post  I am sharing my Diwali celebrations with everyone. I hope you all had great Diwali and  wish Goddess Laxmi brings in Good health , Wealth and great fortune for all. Diwali, the festival of lights is one the most prominent… Continue reading Diwali Greetings of Love & Prosperity


Tangy Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Looking for some tangy snacks in the evening? Want to eat something quick yet filling? Feeling lazy to do elaborate cooking or seeking to add a favorite starter at weekend party! Well, Broccoli comes as a perfect choice at all these moments! This cruciferous vegetable is not only marvellous in taste, it's fully packed of… Continue reading Tangy Roasted Broccoli Recipe


Guacomole – An Avocado dip recipe

Guacamole - An avocado recipe which is all time favourite! Be it a movie hour, or get together with friends It goes very well with crispy nachos, chips or Pringles. Avocado is full of nutritional benefits, these are higher in fat and calories but all the heart healthy kind.It has mono and polyunsaturated fat which… Continue reading Guacomole – An Avocado dip recipe


Day Trip to Ancient City in England – Bath

The quintessential city which is famous for the best preserved Roman remains in the world and is designated a UNESCO world heritage site gives the feel as you just travelled centuries in few steps.The city Bath in England has a lot to offer to its visitors from Roman's history, Georgian Architecture, Beautiful Churches, Museums, Gardens… Continue reading Day Trip to Ancient City in England – Bath


Instant Uttapam recipe – Healthy snack

Have guests coming on short notice? Need a healthy option for lunch box? In hurry but don't want to compromise on taste and health ? Well, I have a tried and tested Mom's old recipe for Instant Rava (Semolina ) Uttapam which has been one of my favorites since childhood. There are many ways to… Continue reading Instant Uttapam recipe – Healthy snack